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Arteria on the CCW

There is no doubt, that Trade show and Conference of CCW is the most important event in the contact center industry in Europe – 19 years of existing, more than 100,000 participants, and lots of experience and unique ideas are the best proof. That is why we cannot miss it.

Arteria will be a member of CCW because the main assumption  of  our strategy which is implemented by us is offshoring. We want to be a multilingual hub for all European countries – today we provide services in the following language markets: Germany, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Romania. At the same time we develop projects in the German language and increase the scale of services in English.

The success of projects implemented by us for foreign companies confirm our belief that we are able to offer highest quality services and attractive financial conditions. We think that we have a solid base for this because:

- We have many years experience in the implementation of advanced services in the area of ​​sales and customer care
- We can build teams with high competence and language skills and we know how to develop these skills
- All of our locations we set up in main cities with  large universities, which gives free access to a number of solidly educated and talented people

During the Trade show and Conference we will answer your questions about our activities, resources and working methodology, and we share experiences and ideas for building services oriented on sales growth and the development of relationships with customers. Throughout the duration of the CCW at your disposal are: Wojciech Glapa – Vice President of the Management Board of Arteria SA

See you in Berlin!


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