Roche Diagnostics Polska has joined Arteria - Contact Centre's clients. Our new business partner focuses on deploying innovative, cutting-edge solutions in laboratory medicine.

Among other solutions, they offer, complex and personalized in vitro diagnostics. Additionally, the company formulates and implements automation plans to improve laboratory procedures. They also apply tools that support the decision-making process related to sample workflow and the proper functioning of the analyzers.


One of our team' tasks is to route phone calls and emails from the laboratory technicians to the proper specialists on Roche Diagnostics Polska's end.
Our consultants closely review the queries and determine which of the specialists will be the best to address them. If possible, we refer the technician directly to the expert at Roche Diagnostics Polska.
Additionally, if any information stored in the laboratory database is incomplete or missing, our task is to update it during the conversation.
To sum up, we make sure that laboratory technicians can do their tasks uninterrupted and that all of their queries are answered in a timely manner. We are making sure, that the most important element of the process - the patient, gets the highest level of service possible.


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