Arteria - Contact Centre, which is a part of the Arteria Capital Group, will be a part of a project that will help schools and students from all over Poland.

One of the largest retail chains is preparing a promotional campaign aimed at schools to mark the start of the school year. As part of it, educational establishments will receive the resources that will aid students in their studies. 


The project will cover some 24,000 educational establishments throughout Poland. Schools will be able to spend the points they collect, as part of the  campaign on new educational equipment and tools in such fields as mathematics, classroom equipment, electronics and experiments.


Such a large-scale campaign requires an adequate information campaign, an indispensable element of which is a hotline that will allow all interested parties to obtain all the necessary information. And it is the Arteria - Contact Centre team that will be responsible for handling this hotline.


The consultants assigned to the project will help both in registering establishments for the competition, as well as answering any questions that arise.


To meet the expectations of consumers, Arteria - Contact Centre will provide the so-called "omnichannel" contact model, which means that information and assistance will be available through multiple contact channels, such as: livechat, e-mail, or traditional phone calls.


We are pleased that the company, which is part of the Arteria Capital Group, will participate in a project aimed at educational institutions, which are an investment in our future.


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