On the day before this year's 31st finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, companies associated with the Arteria Capital Group came together to support the cause represented by the organization led by Jerzy Owsiak.


At the event, which brought together fans of football and volleyball, three companies from the Arteria Capital Group faced off on the floor of the Sports and Recreation Center of the Śródmieście district.


The team from TrimTab Arteria Management - a company offering IT solutions for business - defeated the team from Contact Center - a company offering customer service - in an exciting match that kept the tension until the very end, 6-5.


Then, the Contact Center volleyball team made sure that their company would not go home without a win, defeating the representatives of GPartner - a company specializing in digital marketing, 2-1 in a match played to two won sets.


Of course, the sports competitions were just an excuse for organizing the event, as the most important things were happening off the field, where all of the gathered players and spectators alike, could donate to the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. Both players and spectators eagerly took advantage of this opportunity, especially as they had additional motivation.


What made supporting the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, even more, fun was a lottery, in which the lucky winner went home with a football and gloves autographed by a former Polish representative and legendary goalkeeper for Celtic Glasgow and Legia Warsaw - Artur Boruc. This valuable memento was raffled off among those who took an active part in the fundraiser.


We are more than happy to have been able to support the noble goal of the annual collection of funds to support healthcare, organized by the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.


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