Lisek choose Contact Center as their business partner. Lisek app is a service that allows consumers in some of the biggest Polish cities to order products online, and get them quickly delivered - even in 10 minutes.

How doest Lisek work?


All a consumer has to do is choose products available in the app, such as: groceries, cosmetics, or pet products, and confirm the delivery. Then, the delivery will be made under a given address, even up to 10 minutes later. Another advantage of the app is that it's available on days, that shops are usually closed i.e. during the holidays.


The past year, when Lisek was entering the market, Arteria - Contact Centre was responsible for an outgoing campaign that was aimed at gaining new clients, from bigger urban areas and offering them a promo code, for their first purchase.


Our Client was so happy with the results of that campaign that this year we were given a new task. 


This time, the Arteria - Contact Centre team is responsible for activating the app's clients.


To be succesful with these kinds of projects the key factor is experience in pro sales and postsales campaigns. The consultants have to have the proper qualifications and tools that can help them in conducting effective conversations with the consumers. Luckily, over 20 years of experience in building the contact center industry in Poland, provides such a wide range of knoweldge that the Arteria - Contact Centre team can rest assured, that they will receive all the support they need. 


We thank Lisek for once again trusting us with their business and are happy, that we can work together on another project.  



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