Ministerstwo Funduszy i Polityki Regionalnej choose TrimTab as the developer for their internet platform that will be responssible for coordination of information about European Funds.

Ministerstwo Funduszy i Polityki Regionalnej choose TrimTab in a bidding procedure, as the provider of their new web app platform, that will help with the coordination of information regarding funds from European Union.


As a part of the contrat, TrimTab will be resspsible not only for delivering the platform. The company, that is part of the Arteria Capital Group will be also able to apply it's years of experience in providing IT solutions for business, with the process of developing and supporting the app.


When the softweare is ready, TrimTab's team will provide users with the necessary training, which will allow them to use the full potential of the tool. 


We're happy the tool, that TrimTam will develop will help in the information process regarding the funds from European Union, which have such a big impact on the lives of so many Poles. 


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