TrimTab Arteria Managment, a company delivering IT business solutions which is a part of the Arteria Capital Group, will provide Państwowe Gospodarstwa Wodne Wody Polskie with a system, that will improve document processing withing the organisation. The software will be responsible for automation and i digitalisation of cost documents using an integrated OCR system, and creating a deals repository.


TrimTab, apart from implementing the ssytem, will be providing tehnial support and, further developing the system.


Państwowe Gospodarstwa Wodne Wody Polskie is an institution responsible for maintaining the balance of water resources in Poland and monitoring their quality. Państwowe Gospodarstwa Wodne Wody Polskie are :


- 6000 employes

- The National Water Management Board with headquarters in Warsaw

- 11 Regional Water Management Boards

- 50 Catchment Boards

- 330 Water Management Boards


We are happy that we will be supporting the organisation whose main task is monitoring Poland's water resources.